One-to-one consultations
Initial consultation: £75 (60-75 mins)

You will be asked to complete a 7-day diet diary and a health questionnaire prior to the consultation. During the consultation, we will discuss your main health aims and current symptoms to get a full picture of your health, and agree on a realistic nutritional plan for you to follow. 

Follow-up consultation(s): £45 (30-45 mins)

A follow-up appointment is receommended roughly 6 weeks after your initial consultation, to review your progress and tweak your plan if necessary.  Further follow-up consultations can be arranged as you progress on your nutritional journey to optimal health!


Skype consultations are also available on request, although face-to-face initial consulations are preferable where possible.

Detox & Cleanse Programmes

Fully supported group detox programmes are run throughout the year. The benefits of reducing toxins in our bodies are wide ranging, including weight loss (and inch loss!), more energy and focus, better sleep, clearer skin, reduction in PMS symptoms and a general increase in wellbeing, as well as many more benefits.


The programmes usually run for 2-3 weeks, and involve eliminating toxins and allergens as far as possible during this period. High quality supplements are provided to assist with detoxification.  Although you will be removing some foods from your diet, you can eat as much of the right food as you like so you won't go hungry!


Presentations will be given by Francesca before and during the programme to fully explain the detox, provide recipe ideas and meal plans. A Facebook page will be set up for the whole group to provide peer support and encouragement.

Food "Personal Shopper"


Ready to make adjustments to your diet but fall at the first hurdle once you get to the supermarket? Don't know which foods are right for you? Confused by the labels? Enticed by the baked goods aisle?


That's where your "personal shopper" comes in! I will accompany you around the supermarket on your grocery shop, armed with food and label advice to guide you through your food shop to make the best choices for your health.


Availability and price dependent on location; online shopping phone consultations also available.