What is Nutritional Therapy?

We are all different.  We all eat a different diet, have different backgrounds, different genetic make ups, different lifestyles and levels of wellbeing.  So why would one diet fit all?  It doesn't!


That's why nutritional therapy uses the latest nutritional science, combined with a holistic, personalised approach to create an individual nutrition plan that works for YOU.


Whether you have a specific condition, or just want to feel tip-top, nutritional therapy can help. We look for the underlying reasons for illness rather than focusing just on symptoms. 


During your initial consultation,  your current diet and nutrition levels, as well as key lifestyle factors such as exercise, hydration and stress levels, will be thoroughly assessed.  Any current health concerns will be discussed, with your previous medical history being taken into account, to agree a nutrition plan to help you achieve your aims.


Functional testing and/or nutritional supplements may also be suggested to help identify and redress any imbalances as part of your plan. 


As well as improving overall wellbeing, nutritional therapy can help with a wide range of conditions such as:

    food intolerances         constipation     reflux          bloating     heartburn      exhaustion      asthma         IBS        Crohns disease            depression     ulcerative colitis     arthritis      eczema       PMS    allergies    menopause      hayfever     Lack of energy          chronic fatigue       insomnia     headaches       migraines     acne    weight management      anxiety    infertility    thyroid problems     skin conditions     stress         muscle pain          sports nutrition     joint pain   and many more......